How I Lost 76 Pounds Without Surgery - Stop Eating Red Meat is My Third Key

Watching TV commercials or looking at full colored ads for meat and other meat products can really get your mouth watering, can't it? I change channels or turn the TV off anytime a food, meat, dairy or restaurant commercial comes on.

Professional copywriters, photographers and producers make the most unhealthiest food look like gourmet meals that will add years to your life.

\"Dramatic Weight Loss\"

In reality, most if not all restaurant food as well as meat, dairy and processed foods found in your local grocery store is packing on the pounds to your frame and taking years off your life.

How I Lost 76 Pounds Without Surgery - Stop Eating Red Meat is My Third Key

And this isn't my opinion. There are hundreds of ignored studies and research papers that all state the same thing.

Hopefully, eventually everyone will stop ignoring the warnings about the food we all eat and follow the advice that will help lose the pounds and extend everyone's life.

Have you seen the way cattle used for meat are raised? It's not pretty and their living conditions are so bad, they must be fed antibiotics to keep them alive. Of course the farms want the cattle larger so they are given growth hormones as well as fed an unnatural diet consisting of corn products that the cattle can't process or digest.

Research studies have shown that the antibiotics and growth hormones that end up in our bodies from eating red meat is measurable and the affect on our bodies is unknown. Add on the amount of fat red meat contains and it should be a no brainer that red meat should not be the main course in any meal. It should be served as a side dish if it's served at all.

One thought can help you reduce your red meat consumption as well as other harmful commercial food products.

Just remember, you are what you eat.

How I Lost 76 Pounds Without Surgery - Stop Eating Red Meat is My Third Key

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