Running to Lose Weight - How to Do it and Why Walking is Better For Women!

So you're interested in running to lose weight... STOP! Hold the phone. I can't let you do that... or at the very worst, I'll at least show you the best way to use running to lose weight.

But I really want to turn you on to walking... specifically, a trick on how you can use walking that turns your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE. But first things first...

\"Dramatic Weight Loss\"

Running to Lose Weight - Not So Fast

Running to Lose Weight - How to Do it and Why Walking is Better For Women!

Listen, running is just OK when it comes to weight loss. I won't get into the "IMPACT INJURIES" type of stuff about running... I'll just say that it doesn't do a good job of burning off fat and calories the way most people do it.

Instead, this is how you should run. The general principle is called HIIT... short for high intensity interval training. The idea is to run all out fast and then take it easy... in intervals.

So what it would look like is this... you run really fast for 10 seconds... then you either jog slowly or walk for 20-30 seconds. And so on... you continue in that manner of 10 seconds really fast followed by 20-30 seconds of slower jogging or walking.

Why does this burn fat and calories better?

Well, because it creates an "AFTERBURN AFFECT" on your body. Your body doesn't stop burning fat and calories at an accelerated rate when you're done running. Instead, it keeps this HYPER STATE of fat burning for up to 18 hours after you ran.

So if you run do that. But I much prefer walking... with a unique "twist".

I'll be the first to say, walking on a flat surface pretty much sucks for weight loss. It helps over the long term, but nothing fast. Well, all you need to do is make a small change to get fast weight loss results.

What you do is walk on an incline. So either walk up a hill (if you can find one handy) or incline a treadmill 10-15 degrees and walk on that for 15-20 minutes a day. Generally speaking, I HATE treadmills. But... they're really useful for this kind of walking.

So why walking? Simply because most people can't handle running with a lot of intensity... even for as little as 10 seconds at a time. Running to lose weight is fine and dandy, but I prefer you try out this method of walking and see for yourself how fast you can start losing weight with it.

Running to Lose Weight - How to Do it and Why Walking is Better For Women!

Still thinking about running to lose weight?

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Jennifer Jolan

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