Solutions to Eating Disorders

The most common topic of discussions within the circle of people who want to reduce weight is the eating disorder. This is something they hate to talk about! Considering the nature of eating and the fact that most people suffering from it can also be considered suffering from mental illness such as panic anxiety, indeed an undesirable subject matter. You will know you have eating disorders if you have the following symptoms.

• Constant complain of weight problems
• Obsession with weight
Dramatic weight loss in a relatively short period of time
• Self starvation
• Continuous diet and visible food restrictions
• Irregular eating patterns
• Obsession with calories and fats in food
• Continuous exercise
• Isolation and manifestation of low self-esteem after eating

\"Dramatic Weight Loss\"

According to research there are about 1 million of males and 5 to 10 million of female in the United States are affected by the disorders. Before raising your eye brows you got to hear me out folks. It's not too late to resolve the disorder. I have the basic yet essential solutions for you. Read on.

Solutions to Eating Disorders

Urgent medical attention needs to be taken especially if eating disorder has taken over the physical aspects of the body. You need to pay attention even though the root cause is not physical as it can be fatal. The primary physical symptom of eating disorder is of course, malnourishment. It is described as the discrepancy between the actual body weight and the acceptable weight. Anorexic have a relatively low body weight than normal people within the same age range. Not to mention other risks like cardiac arrest that may lead to sporadic nervous breakdown or stroke, electrolyte imbalance, failure of the liver and in some cases, muscle fatigue due to the irregularity of eating pattern. That said immediate care becomes valuable.

Accepting the truth that eating disorder is indeed a problem can leap your possibility of getting cured. As I have mentioned earlier, eating disorders entail negative physical consequences at the same time that it is a mental illness. There are two kinds of eating disorders; Anorexia and Bulimia, both are caused by crooked image, making you realize that you are fat and that's actually the beginning of the problem because of the desire to lose weight become an obsession. Admitting the problem is a tough reality and indeed a great challenge that sometimes need a professional help.

Counseling is necessary during this stage; this will help in promoting a healthy body image. It can also be necessary to look for something that can activate this, like depression. These disorders are commonly associated with low self esteem. Treatment for eating disorders can be ongoing and may vary. Most of the time dealing with these psychological issues should be combined with physical care. It is very vital that the sufferer learn new healthier habits that can bring back their normal lifestyle. These tips are very important to overcome eating disorders. It is always the first step to get a professional help. Don't try to resolve it alone or might only bring you frustrations.

Solutions to Eating Disorders

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