Best Exercise To Lose Weight - High Intensity Interval Training To Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss

The very best exercise to lose weight dramatically in a very short time frame, for me, will probably be one of the variations to cardio workouts - the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Outlined in this article, I am going to reveal to you what cardio exercise is, how it is commonly performed, what is HIIT, as well as the four factors why I consider HIIT as the best exercise to lose weight.

What Is Cardiovascular Exercise?

\"Dramatic Weight Loss\"

Cardiovascular, or "cardio" for short, pretty much suggests the heart. Cardio exercises increase your pulse rate for a period of time, training your coronary heart and lungs to become much stronger. It is also referred to as "aerobic exercise". As the name signifies, aerobic exercises require continuous delivery of oxygen to your muscle tissues, with your heart playing the role of sustaining the intensity of the exercise.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight - High Intensity Interval Training To Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss

Instances of cardiovascular exercise are jogging, quick strolling, swimming, and etcetera, in which there is no, or perhaps, not much of breaks in between workout sessions. Aerobic exercises may very well burn a huge amount of excess calories, if performed correctly.

How Do Most People Commonly Practice Cardio Exercise?

A number of gym coaches and personal trainers advocate the "heart-rate" system. Although extensive workout sessions of exercising on the home treadmill may possibly strip away quite a handful of excess calories, you must have the stamina to hold out to the conclusion of the sessions. For this reason, the intensity (how hard you train) of the training need to be at a level where your heart can possibly keep up with.

Heart-rate is basically how many times the coronary heart beats each and every minute. Maximum heart-rate means maximum number of heart beats the heart may very well sustain in a minute. The perfect "training zone" is approximately sixty percent to eighty percent of your maximum heart-rate. This is the intensity you will be exercising at for half an hour to an hour a session, 3-5 sessions weekly.

I will illustrate the few simple methods to compute maximum heart-rate in the coming articles.

High Intensity Interval Training

Basically, I'm not really the person who loves to stay on a fitness treadmill machine for one hour. Reiterating the exact same movements at the very same pace virtually bore me out almost instantly. Let me give you the best exercise to lose weight that I love doing - the High Intensity Interval Training.

This is exactly how it looks like:

3-4 minutes of warm up,

1 minute of intense running on a treadmill (approximately 75% of one's capacity),

1.5 minutes of fast walking,

1 minute of hyper intense running on a treadmill (deliver your best or even better),

1.5 minutes of fast walking.

Reiterate this routine for 4 times to have a full twenty or so minutes of fun work out.

Top Four Reasons Why HIIT May Just Be The Best Exercise To Lose Weight:

  1. Quick, And Also Enjoyable -As mentioned before, running on a home treadmill on constant pace for one hour is really dull. In addition to that, 60 minutes for each and every workout session is simply using up too much of my time! A good quality HIIT exercise session burns way more body fat and stretches for only around 20 minutes a session.

  2. The Prospective Physique Development -Take a look at the physique of a sprinter and a marathoner. A sprinter features a honed and energetic looking figure. A marathoner, however, seems "lethargic". It's scientifically demonstrated that extended aerobic exercise sessions could lead to muscles loss, creating the skeletal appearance that can only be associated to a marathoner!

  3. The "Afterburn Effect" -HIIT simply leaves your entire body to recover intensively from the damages caused by all the ass-kicking you gave it during the HIIT session. While you are relaxing and watching your preferred television channel on your favorite couch, the recovery process causes you to expend an estimated nine times more energy than you always do. This significant calorie burning following a HIIT exercise session is known as the "Afterburn Effect", or sometimes, the "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption" (EPOC). This normally lasts for many hours following your work out.

  4. Superior Heart Training -The rest-burst-recovery workout trains the heart to be able to withstand rapid changes, consequently making it a whole lot more capable in working with day-to-day stress and handling different levels of blood pressure.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight - High Intensity Interval Training To Achieve Dramatic Weight Loss

Cardio exercise is without question an unavoidable exercise that you'd want to practice if you want to be able to experience dramatic weight loss within a short period of time. The HIIT helps make cardio workouts shorter, more enjoyable, and makes it possible for continuous calorie burning even after the training session.

That is precisely why High Intensity Interval Training will be your best exercise to lose weight.

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