Nutrisystem Endorsements - What Celebrities and Regular Folks Can Tell You About Whether it Works

Nutrisystem is often called the "celebrity diet" or the "celeb mom postpartum diet" for good reason. A slew of stars like Tori Spelling, Danielle Fishel, Jodi Sweeten, Marie Osmond, Belinda Carlisle, and Jillian Barberie have all had very public weight loss on this diet.  And, Tori, Jodi, and Jillian lost most of their weight after giving birth. 

There have been some male celebs who have been spoke people for this diet too. Examples are Dan Marino, Don Shula, Cris Carter, and Larry The Cable Guy.  Now, there's no denying that all of these stars lost a good deal of weight on camera and emerged victorious.  But, one can't help but wonder how much trainers and chefs were involved.  What really interested me when I was researching this diet is how real, normal people, who didn't have trainers or chefs at their disposal (and who aren't being paid) have fared on this diet.  I'll tell you what I've found in the following article.

\"Dramatic Weight Loss\"

Regular People Are Featured By Nutrisystem As Much As Celebrities: At any given time, you can log into the company's web site and you're very likely to see a featured picture of a regular person who has lost a lot of weight.  In truth, although there are a good number of celeb alumni with this diet, there are thousands more ordinary, every day people who don't get nearly as much attention by the media, although the company does feature them.  In fact, if you check out the "success stories" section of the website, you'll see lots of moms, dads, and every day men and women who have had much more dramatic weight loss than the people who are being paid to talk about it.

Nutrisystem Endorsements - What Celebrities and Regular Folks Can Tell You About Whether it Works

I actually prefer to focus on these folks because their life is closer to my reality.  Most of us researching this diet have jobs, children, and a million and one things to juggle. We don't have someone to prepare, research, and plan our meals.  So, it's important to know and understand that regular people with regular responsibilities are definitely having success with this diet too.

It Doesn't Take A Personal Chef To Prepare A Nutrisystem Meal: I know I've mentioned "stars" and their personal chefs, but honestly, you don't need one on this diet. These meals come prepackaged.  You really only need to assemble them.  You are asked to provide healthful fresh foods, but this is as easy as adding a salad, piece of fruit, or container of yogurt. 

As tempting as it is, don't use the convenience excuse with nutrisystem. It just isn't valid.  This is one of the most convenient diets on the market.  There are no calories or carbs to count.  You don't have to make special or elaborate meals.  All of the work has really been done for you.

You Don't Need A One On One Trainer For Nutrisytem.  Even If You Are Not A VIP, Support Is Free:  Even if you don't have the advantage on being on "Dancing With The Stars" like Belinda Belinda Carlisle and Marie Osmond, you are offered free one on one support.  You don't need a one on one trainer here. 

Once you place an order, you're automatically given access to NutriSystem's members-only website which offers tons of support.  You get information, tracking tools, a daily newsletter and motivation and one on one counseling.  All of this is totally free and is covered with the cost of your food.  This counseling is very expensive in the outside world, in my experience.  All of this cost you nothing, so you really can't use the personal trainer excuse.  I was surprised to read that a small percentage of clients don't use these services.  Some don't even know that they are there.  By all means take advantage of every single thing that is offered to you.  Every little bit helps. 

The bottom line is that, although the Hollywood set draws our attention to this diet, the vast majority of it's clientele are every day people who don't have the Hollywood advantage.  But, the truth is, you don't really need this.  You will get the same food that Marie Osmond eats and you'll only need to assemble it.  And, if you chose to take advantage of it, you'll get daily support every step of the way, even if you don't have a trainer.

Nutrisystem Endorsements - What Celebrities and Regular Folks Can Tell You About Whether it Works

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